This photoshoot was a brilliant reminder that a little bit of sacrifice goes a long way.

I originally did not expect much this day. I have been around the city centre of Manchester many a time with my camera as it has beautiful scenery, stunning architecture, a wide variety of culture and local hotspots. My only plan was to go and test out my new 10-18mm wide angle lens but I was determined to wake up early and catch the sunrise (we don't get much sun in the UK).

Before heading out, I recalled an old photo destination from college; the tram line running above the canals at Spinningfields. Thus, I stumbled my way onto the train after waking up at 3AM and consuming as much coffee as possible. I then reached the city in the pitch black and the extremely brisk morning air. I had a brief idea of where the area was so, I set off with my camera in tow in search of the bridge. As the first rays of light began to peak above the horizon I started to worry, I was completely lost! Through the help of Google Maps I managed to find a familiar spot and eventually, set up my tripod.

I was extremely happy with how all of these photos turned out. From the deserted city in the dark, to the gorgeous purple sunrise, to the vibrant hues of the sky and flora thanks to the clear skies. The lack of sleep was definitely worth it.