The whole point of the project 'Meaning' was initially to show that you did not need a meaning or profound message in order to produce artwork. Whether you draw, paint, sing or write, sometimes you just need to get out there and do it. However, through developing this project, I've realised that the original purpose of it was paradoxical.

Through social media, and my own life, I have seen a wide variety of photographer's and artist’s work. From what I have seen, a lot of the best artists have a purpose or a message beneath the aesthetics. This scared me. Although I have been taking photographs for many years, and my skills have improved throughout, I did not feel worthy of the work I produced due to this lack of 'meaning'. Through this, I felt as though no one could connect with my work on a personal level and no one would appreciate it, other than through the way it looks.

This is the reason I started this project. I realised that producing some form of my work, whether I believe it to be good or bad, or to have a ‘meaning’, is better than producing no work at all. So I set out with my camera capturing moments that enjoyed. That I liked.

After completing the project, and after writing this statement, I have noticed that all artwork has meaning. Even if like myself, you create a project knowing that you have no other motive other than to do your work. You do not need a philosophical message for audiences to ponder, or to promote issues that are important to you. What matters sometimes is that you produce something, rather than nothing.